meHi there!

So you want to know a little bit more about me, right?

Let’s start with the basics:
My name is Aliteah [ah-lee-tei-yeah] or just Teah [tei-yeah].
Military wife (and I used to be in the Navy).
Mother of the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid my eyes on. (I bet I’ll say that about our next child, too.)

Now, let’s dig a little deeper.

My husband is a fine US Navy Sailor.
He is a great lover and an amazing dad.
We have a little one. We call him “Little Buddy”

I love to cook.
All of my recipes were handwritten — I mean scribbled — on a piece of paper before they make it on to this site.
I am creating family recipes that I would love to someday pass on to my kid(s).
Because I, unlike many others, don’t have any family recipes that were passed down to me.
Sad, but true.

Most of my recipes serve 2 to 3 people; maybe 4 if you eat small portions.
We are stationed far away from family and friends so I only cook for 2 & a half people — my husband, myself and Little Buddy.
You can easily double the recipe ingredients to feed a larger crowd if needed.
I would love to know what you think of my recipes, so don’t be shy and send me a note.

I’m not much of a photographer.
I know nothing about lighting, angle, props, or anything that has to do with good photography.
I suck at it and that’s okay.
The photos of food you see on this site is exactly how it looks like about 10 seconds before I devour it. That’s as real as it gets.

I have a Career Diploma in Administrative Assistant and I am a Licensed Pharmacy Technician.
I am currently a stay-at-home mom, all thanks to my loving husband.
My mother-in-law once asked me if I was going back to work.
Before I could explain myself, these words came out of her mouth:
“Don’t, if you don’t have to. If you guys can afford it, just stay at home. There are no repeats in life. You don’t wanna miss out on the first time your baby sits up, say his first word, or crawl and take his first step, or any other first times.”
She was completely right.
I’ve witnessed all of my baby’s first times and those moments are precious to me.
My little one’s first word was “Mama”.
He calls me “Mom” or “Mommy” now and those are some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard.

:: update ::

We now have 2 handsome little gentlemen!


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